Bookstore Sale January 3 – 8

Mystery, Non-fiction, novels by the score!Thousands of paperbacks now fill the Store!They’re Vintage, Historic and one of a kind,They’re sorted by genre to help you unwind!This week’s sale is all PaperbacksIt’s novels we want you to buy by the stacks!They’re 50 cent each if you only buy 1!But they’re 6 for a dollar to read […]

Bookstore Sale: December 12-18

The Family is Coming!There’s 30 or more!They’ll be here for the holidays,At your front door!So get out your pots,And your roastings pans too!You’d better start cooking!What else can you do!Need a good sauce,or a pie that can’t fail!Can’t find that old recipeYou got from Aunt Gayle!Come in for some Cookbooks,To spice up your meal !They’re […]

Bookstore Sale: November 28 – December 4

Thermometers, Aspirin,   Exercise and more!Just read these books      And your health will soar!Blood pressure, dieting       Reduce Heart attacks!Just flip through the pages       And read all the facts!Get in shape for the Holidays!       Take care of your family too!Buy 1 book to give them,        Buy a 2nd book for you!Health is on Sale this week!       The books […]

Buy books. Win valuable prizes. November 4, 5, 6

Both are possible this weekend, November 4th, 5th and 6th, during our Tempe Public Library “Fun” Raiser. We are holding a giant book sale and a spectacular raffle to raise money to support our children’s library and their dedication to the cause of children’s literacy. Raffle prizes include restaurant meals, grocery store gift cards, hotel stays, […]

Bookstore Sale: October 17 – 23

Hablo Espanol, and Je parle France’Ich spreche Deutsch, Have a good day!Guess what’s on sale this weekIn  our lovely shop!It’s Foreign Language booksThat we know is not a flop!So come on in, pick up a bookand learn a new phrase!In French, German or SpanishYour IQ you’ll raise!The sale is BOGO!It’s easy to seeBuy 1 and […]

Friends Fall “Fun” Raiser – November 4-6

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